June 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 6

The Glass Is Always Greener

We are seeing a rise in eco-conscious consumers, and the impact they are having on innovation is striking. They’re bringing sustainable packaging to the fore, with the re-invention of creative and reusable containers that push plastic out of the spotlight. You’ll soon be seeing grocery stores offering more bulk product options, in turn inviting customers to bring their own refillable containers (think glass “growlers” at your local brewery). In addition to being a prominent part of the reusable packaging movement, glass is being used in branded containers because of its unique properties and playability. Etching designs into glass plays tricks on the mind and begs people to look twice, come closer, and touch. In today’s cluttered marketplace, standing out is the best way to fit in — to shopping carts.

● Revive kitchen counters by incorporating refillable options to display bulk shopping hauls.
● Pack up plastics and try using sustainable materials for an earthy touch in your design.
● Upcycle stale décor pieces by pairing with unique glass packaging.
● Adopt décor pieces that have lived a past life for a style space that can’t be imitated.

Hanging in perfect balance, Sway gently reminds us of our ongoing quest to harmonize human desire with the natural order.

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Fixed On Light

Handcrafted glass is finding its way into tomorrow’s lighting fixture trends. New design techniques layer molten glass interwoven into textured patterns, giving pieces a multi-dimensional look and providing a subtle touch of chicness (and a not-so-subtle exclamation of “wow!”). Woven textures are especially popular in hanging lights, providing an irresistibly unique glow. And yesterday’s traditional Venetian chandeliers, dripping with clear crystals, have inspired a new wave of lighting — bubbly pendants that double as hanging art when the lights are out. But new isn’t the only thing that’s now. Going old-school is in, too. Amber-colored glass tints any room with a mid-century modern feel. Getting back to the way things used to be, glass is shaping up to be the go-to material for lighting fixtures of the not-to-distant future, with its versatility warming up traditional and modern décor with elegance.

● Use curved, metal hoods to update exposed bulbs.
● Contour with curved lighting pieces for a refined look.
● Consider how the shape and color of certain fixtures make a space feel when the lights are off.
● Layering colored glass can give a room a hint of nostalgic warmth.

City Of Lights
Paris, the true city of lights. Alight with mini LED bulbs, this piece captures the panache of a sophisticated Parisian parlor, a place where every twinkle tells a story.

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Swirling Senses

Glass is ideal for creating the hyper-colorful, hyper-textural looks that trendsetters are in love with this year. Thick, chunky rims on bowls and vases increase sensual appeal, with ripples and swirls adding tactile dimension. New printing and spraying techniques help artists achieve ombré gradation on pieces, and the look is slowly taking over — especially with iridescent polychromatic reflections painted onto glass. Natural crystals and minerals inspire shimmering, opalescent designs. Ultra-pigmented colors paired with fluid shapes and textures highlighting asymmetry and imperfection — bringing the wild organic beauty of a botanical garden right into our homes.

● Add textured pieces for a design story that simply feels good.
● Color block cocktail hour with bright glasses to add excitement.
● Geometric glass shapes go great against marble and brass for sleekness.
● Spark surprise with sheen. Use coated glass to invite creativity into a room.

Molten Fusion
Molten Fusion’s creation is even time-sensitive: the glass bowl is placed onto the base while it is still hot enough to sculpt.

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Glass House

We love the trend of transforming storage pieces into front-and-center statement pieces, allowing homeowners to show off their prized possessions with style and creativity, but keep clutter hidden. Display pieces with smoky colors, darker tints and lightly frosted glass play peek-a-boo with knick-knacks and keepsakes on display inside. Outside of storage, glass tabletops and desks float with cool, calm vibes. Pairing glass slabs with watercolor pillows and blue elements invites the mind to take a dip into serenity. Glass furniture helps to achieve an uncluttered mind... and room. Pairing glass with nature is a natural play for designers (especially aluminum and textured wood). Melting into every aspect of home décor, glass brings something fresh to tired rooms.

● Let the liquid-glass trend take over furniture for a gentler design story.
● Stack up style with carefully designed storage units.
● Revive stained glass to brighten up spaces.
● Bring serenity to shared spaces by placing natural elements under glass table tops.

Meditate on this grounding piece featuring a solid cork base and calming, colored glass bulbs holding the living tillandsia.

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