April 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 4

Form Meets Function

When space is at a premium, even the “essential” pieces tend to serve multiple purposes. Design-forward desks double as dressing tables. Sleek materials and surprising shapes transform storage containers into conversation pieces. By uniting form and function in such perfect harmony, this trend does more than make life easier—it reminds us that life is simply better when our needs and wants are the same.
• Seek modular pieces that adjust to different spaces
• Try clear boxes to store and show off favorite items
• Compose portmanteaus mixing practical and decorative items
• Affix castors to make static pieces more mobile

Featuring living tillandsia resting on bright green moss dotted with colorful wildflowers, this dual-purpose statement piece adds a little spring to your story collection.

Material Matters

The materials we use make a statement—not just about personal style, but also about our relationship with the world. For instance, we no longer use types of wood for just for their beauty. We must also consider sustainability.
Hemp and flax are again rising as design’s favorite fibers. They’re kinder to the earth than cotton, and just as cozy to cuddle up with. The savviest brands will use this trend to spark real transformation. After all, caring about where you come from never goes out of style.
• Look for eco-friendly, fast-growing bamboo
• Invest in refillable containers to cut plastic use
• Explore composites made with recycled materials
• Use color accents to give classic wicker an edge

Living tillandsia entwined with a sprig of dried flowers and topped with Earth-friendly cork. Our Ikebana collection—inspired by the Japanese art of flower arranging—is a living meditation on our connection with nature.

All About Expression

Our place doesn’t have to be a palace, but it must reflect our personal palette. The aim is to turn our homes (tiny or otherwise) into a haven of self-expression—a place where artistry is celebrated and inspiration is unleashed in new and unusual ways. Our new showpieces are “perfectly” imperfect, with irregular contours and brush strokes that echo the crafter’s hand. Abstract patterns evoke the bold color and striking splashes of a master expressionist.
• Incorporate bold, abstract patterns
• Mirror collections make conversation starters
• Explore using self portrait photography
• Mix and match textured furniture

Thinkers 2.0
This playful evolution of our cherished collection captures the act of creation itself. First, the journey into our own imaginations, then the eruption of ideas beyond the confines
of our own mind.

The Art of Impermanence

The way we decorate our homes is constantly evolving—not only what we surround ourselves with, but how we display it. Those with the skill, time, and eye to create their unique DIY masterpiece now have untraditional, new materials to display it with. Would we love a few trompe l’oeil frames crafted from versatile washi tape on our walls?
• Lean artwork against walls to create layered vignettes
• Try no-drill hooks in on-trend finishes
• Put wallpaper on small accent furniture
• Use tape to create unique wall art and frames

For a hiking trip to Zion National Park in Utah, we lucked out and found the perfect jacket. Both practical and chic, with a stitched pocket so your precious essentials can follow you anywhere. Just like this charming air plant.

Outside In

One driving force behind our pared-down interiors is the desire to spend more time outdoors. We want to immerse ourselves in Earth’s natural wonders and reconnect—however briefly—to our primal roots. While we can’t go off the grid for too long, we can bring a touch of the outdoors in. Watch for a proliferation of fabrics, patterns, and textures inspired by underwater structures, geological formations, microorganisms, and even mushrooms! Consider it a tribute to Mother Nature, the world’s first great designer.
• Incorporate patterns that reference natural elements
• Explore new textures like smooth-to-raw yarns and crushed fibers
• Keep color intensity natural
• Try digital printing for high-definition rendition

Kaare - Juniper Fir
Inspired by the furniture designs of Danish master Kaare Klint, this piece features a live bonsai encased in geometric shapes and natural woven cane. A beautiful way to bring a touch of nature to any space.

More Is More

Last but definitely not least is design’s daring embrace of maximalism. Our lot sizes may be shrinking, but our appetite for pattern, texture, and color is reaching ravenous proportions—
and the deeper, richer, and bolder, the better. We’re ditching dusty old design rules. Letting our patterns play, our colors clash, and our textures mismatch. The results are gorgeously unpredictable, proving that small spaces can still pack big personality.
• Mash up various epochs, styles, and glocalities
• Consider weights of yarns and fibers to build contrasting depths
• Play with compositions of clashing color and patterns
• Combine geometric designs with tribal-inspired patterns

Life Magnetic Kaleidoscope
We’ll never forget the first time we looked into a kaleidoscope. Such brilliant disruption of ordinary vision. Such a captivating collision of shapes and color moving in endless combinations. It seemed like magic. Still does.

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