AUGUST 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 8

Micro Style

Peering through a microscope reveals an explosion of beauty unseen by the naked eye….until now. Designers are bringing the colors, shapes and forms of the microscopic world to the surface in one wondrous application after another. Look for woven textiles to borrow patterns from biological organisms. Lighting fixtures echo the amorphous shapes of single-cell life forms. Even molecular structures play a starring role in the most unlikely of places—pastry decor. It’s a vivid celebration of nature, seen through a whole new lens.

● Experiment with untapped textile materials that resemble natural formations.
● Pull off organic patterns with playful tufting techniques, embroidery and mix-and-match yarns.
● Try digital printing for high-def renditions of color and subjects that can’t be captured with traditional techniques.
● Choose materials of responsible and sustainable origins - and share those stories with customers.

Paint by Nature

From sparkling white glacial formations to brilliant azure expanses of sea and sky, our deep emotional connection to nature is nurtured by its dazzling colors. While all designers borrow from Mother Earth’s popular palettes, the trendiest add a few unexpected twists. Densely embroidered textiles capture the color intensity of an underwater ecosystem. Matte and frosted finishes evoke the subtle shifts in an icy landscape. And our personal favorite: cloud-dotted blue skies adorn hand-woven rugs for spaces that make you feel like you’re walking on air.

● The limited color palette and delicate surface patterns of an ice formation inspire effortless sophistication.
● Keep color intensity natural to create vibrant new renditions of everyday products.
● Think beyond paint! Play with contrasting textiles and finishes — matte and gloss, silk and wool — to achieve subtle color shifts.
● Bleached denim and blurred inky hues offer a fresh design take on beautiful blue skies.

Walls Gone Wild

Patterned wallpaper continues its triumphant return to the ultra-in crowd. Only now, trendsetters are moving away from structured geometric prints toward designs inspired by a far wilder environment. Watercolor landscapes, elephant-ear leaves and bright flowers bloom wall to wall. Animals are also on the prowl, leaving their natural jungle habitats to grace our most stylish spaces. From subtle to statement-making, these organic patterns proudly showcase nature’s perfection.

● Patterns with single stem leaves and simpler flowers appeal to minimalist designers.
● Wallpapers with wild, bright and big spring blooms tie maximalist rooms together.
● Silhouettes of flowers and animals illustrated with sharp edges look ultra-modern.
● Place indoor plants in front of bold wallpaper to tie elements together.

New Stone Age

Standing strong against the harshest of elements, stone has been used by designers of great spaces for centuries. Today’s most exciting design stories focus more on underlying structure than outer strength. Crystallized minerals and rock formations
inspire colorful, eye-catching interiors. Geographical veins wind their way through richly woven textiles. And the appeal runs deeper than the surface. The healing properties of crystals and stones take center stage with fixtures, props and lighting that blend the spiritual with the beautiful.

● Mimic the geological veins of minerals for a fresh take on texture and pattern.
● Add depth to a sleek aesthetic with crushed, dry fibers that imitate chalky cliffs.
● Fine-grained, cracked, and marbled designs work in both minimalist and maximalist design spaces.
● Tufting in tonal shades brightens up a space.

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