December 2017 | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Meaningful Home

Our definition of home is shifting, from a physical place to an emotional residence, an extension of self.

Home is not just a place, but a feeling.

In this age of anxiety, our homes are becoming softer, more tactile places to offer comfort to our families, our guests, and ourselves.

Our lifestyle habits are changing, thus our habitats are changing – a home needs to be as flexible, modular, and multi-tasking as its inhabitants.

More and more people are renting their homes, thus searching for new ways to make the house feel warm, personal, and welcoming. Home will be defined by coziness, craftsmanship, personalization, and ageless design.

Make a meaningful home:
• Create relaxing rooms with tactile fabrics
• Use organic materials
• Make personally inspiring space for creative work
• Create a cozy nook for ritual and to just be
• Add soft space for people to be together

The LiveTrends Slow Living Collection will transform the place you live into a place you call home.

Illusion naturally holds a hearty tillandsia brachycaulos hand-placed on Paulownia wood.

Calm combines natural cotton macrame with woodenbeads for a retro feeling of warmth and calm.

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Home As A Retreat

Make your house a mental and emotional dwelling. Our homes are becoming an escape from the all-encompassing digital world. A place to unwind, unplug, and recharge – without any cords. Home is a place to feel truly comfortable and at peace, in body and in mind.

Moods can be lifted with sunlight and a clean breeze through an open window. The bathroom can become a room for wellness. A soft, overstuffed chair can send you to a welcomed state of deep relaxation.

Create your retreat:
• Let in as much sunlight as possible
• Add soft, luxurious touches such as flokati rugs
• Drape organic textiles in neutral tones
• Use natural fibers and pigmented colors

Pascal’s Line from the LiveTrends Slow Living Collection incorporates elements like natural wood with neutral colors and fresh cut echeveria – a softer finishing touch.

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Space For Ritual

The home is our sanctuary and space for ritual. Privacy is essential. Create a special nook. Eliminate the extraneous, the unnecessary, and the distracting from the outside world. This is your time. Transform your space. Calming colors and simple materials combine to create a setting to focus on self-care and personal rituals. Wood and earthy materials take us to the natural world for grounding and peace.

Make space for ritual:
• Use linen sheets and organic cotton towels
• Feature terracotta, wood, and handmade earthenware
• Neutral browns and burnt sienna as base colors
• Dusty blue and earth-toned grey as accent colors

The deco-punched terracotta hanging vase, Morning Dew, will transform any room into a special space with its unique shape, earthy texture, and living tillandsia.

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In The Moment

Home is created through simple, joyful moments. These moments are celebrated to make home feel more homely. Enhance and personalize your home through unique and sensitive design. Every element in your home should contribute to enriching your life. Use sensory design to keep you focused in your home and what is inside your home. Use design to help turn everyday moments into mindful moments.

Make space for ritual:
• Bring nature inside with green, living plants
• Highlight a single decor piece to bring focus to a space
• Light an organic soy candle to elevate a normal evening
• Diffuse a healing oil and make it your signature scent

Zinn combines the natural tactility of cork with earth-toned colored glass to create a piece of living art to encourage and inspire mindfulness.

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Come Together

Home is where you build your family - however you define it. Make time to be together. Cultivate togetherness. Connect with your loved ones. Shared spaces are where we bond, socialize, and make memories. The kitchen is now a gathering place, the heart of the home. The living room is where we work, play, nap, eat, and dream. Live in the open.

Bring everyone together:
• Bring elements from nature inside from the outside
• Create open space
• Use oversized furniture and benches
• Accessorize with inviting textures like fluffy furs and soft cottons
• Incorporate warm, welcoming lighting

Cultivate from the LiveTrends’ Slow Living Collection combines the contrasting textures of fresh-cut echeveria and an ornate coconut bowl to warm your home with its curves and opalescent details.

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