July 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 7

The Global Touch

The most interesting design stories appeal to every sense, including touch. Raw materials such as rope, flat-weave rugs, knotted fringe and cowhide bring both visual and tactile depth to your decor. Overlay materials native to South America, like marble and leather, with sleek, European-inspired lacquer for a look that begs to be touched. Some textiles offer a variety of tactile finishes — raised piles, knotted trims, tufting — on a single surface. Wrapping the world around you has never felt
so wonderful.

● Hand-braided cotton and multicolored yarn create a soft touch for pouffes and rugs.
● Choose decor with handworked
qualities for engaging tactile experience.
● Monochromatic palettes bring sophistication to complex texture combinations.
● Combine mixed patterns and bold colors for maximum creativity.

Woven Together

For modern consumers, the passion for global design goes deeper than patterns and texture. Nine out of ten Millennial consumers say they would switch brands if they believed their purchases would positively affect the world. And while they love buying local, they also value products with global impact. High on their list: hand-crafted, perfectly imperfect goods that tell compelling stories about the makers and cultures of origin. Today’s consumers use commerce in a new way, to weave together our life experiences and extend the power of the human touch as far as it will possibly reach.

● Seek brands that are vocal about social and environmental impact.
● Handcrafted statement pieces make great focal, and talking, points.
● Share stories of designers and makers with consumers.
● Adorn accessories with foreign languages to promote global understanding.

Rising In The East

Trendsetters with a taste for adventure embrace the bold flavor of Persian, Indian, and Indonesian style. Intriguing ikat and paisley patterns brighten up everything from throw pillows to bathroom tiles. When it comes to color, deep navy and indigos pop with rich reds and maroons, giving curtains and rugs a royal flair. And the personality doesn’t end there. From Japan, the super-cute Kawaii culture brings a hint of childhood nostalgia to any room, just in time for the rise of the “Kidults” — adults who embrace interests more commonly associated with kids.

● Use color to create consistency when mixing up cultures.
● Try silliness sparingly, making sure fun doesn’t overrule function.
● Bring in diamond patterns for a touch of Bohemian flair.
● Deep indigos and blues play perfectly with rich reds.

Take It From The Streets

The high-energy hustle of city life inspires designers all over the globe. From hash marks atop manhole covers to arabesque patterns that abound in Middle Eastern marketplaces, designers are transforming snippets of the streets into stylish home decor — with a few twists. Brush strokes soften rigid patterns, bringing surprising visual texture into the design story. Hand-painted shapes take the edge off industrial steel and gray palettes. When bringing big city design touches into decor, a sense of balance keeps our homes feeling homey.

● Mix industrial-inspired textures and patterns with soft surfaces.
● A hint of tint softens color palettes inspired by urban landscapes.
● Punch up orderly geometric patterns with pops of daring color.
● Warm up the industrial look with polished and matte metal.

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