May 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 5

Imperial Magic

When it comes to evoking a sense of grandeur, purple has a royal pedigree. Bright “mauveine” dye was born during the reign of Queen Victoria, who infused the vibrant new hue into her wardrobe and castle. For modern consumers who don’t have an entire kingdom to call their own, incorporating shades of purple into home décor can still make the coziest abode feel fit for a crown bearer. Violet’s compelling combination of warm and cool makes it a fantastic hue for the maximalism design trend that’s taking fashion and interiors by storm. Bring in a few metallic touches for a modern take on royal treasure.
• Modern finishes — metallic, lacquered or transparent — put a fresh face on classic shades.
• Balance bold purple with deep bronze for greater depth and intrigue.
• Energize neutral basics with daring purple accents in surprising shapes, textures and patterns.
• Add glitter and shimmer to make mundane essentials feel fit for a modern monarch.

Inspired by the glittering gemstones spotted on the Paris runways, these Gems are anything but precious. Their haute couture edginess will make them the crowning jewel of any space.

Playing With Emotion

Purple’s different shades and dimensions spark an array of physiological and and emotional responses. Lilac shades calm the mind and spirit, creating a welcoming touch for home and office décor. Deep plums, wines and eggplants possess a nocturnal quality, lending an air of mysterious elegance to any space. Cognitively, violet possesses the power to heighten awareness, making it perfect for areas devoted to meditation, contemplation and creative thinking. And as any fan of Prince — the world’s ever-reigning Purple One — knows, the shade has a way of stirring up the sensual. With an array of purple hues for every room and mood, the décor options are endless...and the emotional impact, effortless.
• For a moodier vibe, incorporate tonal layers and an interplay of textures and finishes.
• Choose lighter lilac and lavender shades for cozy retreat areas.
• Energize the mind and stimulate creativity with bold, brain-pumping tones.
• Vibrant violet casts a futuristic glow for trendy, high-tech spaces.

Available in three different shades, these modern pieces remind us of three sisters we know. They have strength and vibrance in common, yet their subtle differences lend each her own unique beauty.

The Purple Palate

Home décor isn’t the only place we’re witnessing the power of purple. Naturally purple food and drink ingredients are also popping up on our plates — no big surprise considering that in our Instagram-inspired world, beautiful food is a feed’s best friend. Creamy and cool acai bowls serve as the picture-perfect breakfast for ‘grammers on the go. Tasty cabbage slaw adorns artisan tacos while purple cauliflower add a touch of violet delight to family dinners. Cocktail connoisseurs from coast to coast incorporate lavender to add dimension to a tasty elixir. And purple plates and drink ware add flair to the kitchens and bars of trendsetters everywhere.
• Purple kitchen tools add a playful pop to a hard-working spaces.
• Iridescent drink ware and serve ware bring surprising sophistication to social gatherings.
• Elevate simple dishes with spices or garnish in shades of vibrant violet.
• Plan meals based on color for a twist on traditional menus.

We like to believe that this living tillandsia feeds off the energy of the mystical crystal that dangles above, catching and igniting the light in so many surprising ways. Just like our ever-changing inner selves.

Born To Be Original

As en vogue as violet may be, its association with rebels, visionaries and rule breakers remains as strong as ever. As the world’s first man-made pigment, purple will always reign as the official color of all things original—starting with the youngest trendsetters. The kids wear market will grow over 13% during the next five years, a rapid rise that adult markets can’t match. Fashion houses are jumping on board and embracing purple’s gender-neutral punch in their latest children’s collections. For more seasoned rebellious spirits, purple is making its way from fashion to flesh, painting lips, eyes, nails and even hair in colors that won’t be ignored. The message is simple: out with the old, and in with a hue that doesn’t play by the rules.
• Forget balance. Go bold and bolder for more daring décor.
• Put purple where people least expect it, like pots and pans.
• Why leave violet on the sidelines? Go big with a statement piece then build around it.
• Punch up kids’ rooms with pops of purple.

This beauty was inspired by one of our own designers. She’s a Millennial, a mom and a driving force at home, at work, and in the world. Just like her current favorite color — Ultra Violet, of course.

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