2018 Trend Guide


A young creative class will emerge as to calm our collective anxiety. The creatives will enter all realms of business and commerce as a voice for inclusiveness, innovation, and optimism.

Designers of all kinds will look to create new ways of relating to and interacting with other humans, machines, and society.

We will confront the feeling of political and social unrest with creativity, ingenuity, and intelligence.


The LiveTrends Mega-Trend for 2018

We are moving at a frenetic pace.
Fast talk. Fast fashion. Fast food.
We are running so quickly that we have lost our breath.

We need to stop. Slow down. Breathe.
We need to unplug and connect. Connect with the people around you. Connect with nature. Connect with yourself.

We will look to the past in order to reimagine the future. We will search out the tactile, texture, rough edges. We will search out the real. The natural.


We continue to be isolated in our homes. In our offices. In our cars. On our devices.

But we long to find connection – globally and locally. On social media and in social life.

Our communities are expanding and becoming increasingly rich and complex. We are blending relationships in our real life with relationships in our digital life.

We are finding unlikely connections with people around the world, tied together by common interests and common goals. Boundless digital social platforms propel us to reexamine our identities.

Artists are incorporating ethnic elements from other countries into their own artwork, challenging our cultural assumptions.

Lines are blurred. Ethnicities are layered. Cultures are blended.

New stories are being created.


Our digital world continues to look more and more like real life.

We seek out the super-natural to create fantastical realms. We develop other-worldly experiences to compete with our digital life. Virtual-reality morphs into hyper-reality, bridging the digital world/real world gap.

We are engaging and stimulating all of our senses by creating fully immersive experiences. We are escaping into a hyper-colored, hyper-natural, hyper-exotic, utopia.

Hyper-pigmented tropical foliage dots our manmade, indoor habitats. We will bring an idealized natural world into our indoor realm.

As visual reality becomes omnipresent, we will create a synthetic, tropical, human-envisioned paradise in our concrete jungle.


We are obsessed with health, vitality. We are living longer and living younger.

We want to be vibrant. Relevant. Engaged. Thinking. Living.

We will cultivate a new, diverse set of influences from different generations and different points of view. We are living with daily multi-generational interaction – in the workplace, home, schools, and in our social lives. Generations blend and integrate seamlessly, learning, playing, and growing with each other.

The random, ordinary stuff of everyday life will fill our social media feeds. We will find inspiration from the street scene. The raw imperfection. The work-in-progress. Mistakes will be celebrated. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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