Transform Your Home Into An Endless Summer Retreat With LiveTrends

Are you already lamenting the end of summer? Do you dream of ways to extend your summer escape on the beach? Are you hoping your vacation at the lake will never end? There are countless way that you can make your own home feel like the perfect summer vacation house, year round.

Where do you want to transport yourself when you step into your home? What makes you feel most relaxed? Where do you feel most content? Are you happiest with your toes in the sand? Do you feel most at peace looking out at the mountains from inside a cozy cabin? Does an early morning swim in a crystal clear lake bring you joy? Does the hustle and bustle of a summer day wandering the city make you feel most alive?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you fashion a time machine to take you back to Memorial Day, so we’ll need to create your endless summer home with simple design tips and a few inexpensive decorative elements.

The Beach Escape

You can instantly give your home a beachy vibe with a few easy design ideas. Create a comfortable, welcoming environment by blending natural elements and textures:

Work with light, neutral colors: ivory, taupe, gray, off-white; these colors will be reminiscent of the beach sand. Find a neutral colored blanket to drape over your couch.

Gather the shells or rocks you have collected from past vacations and put them on a plate or a large glass vase to place on your coffee table.

Bring a bit of the beach into your home by incorporating the colors of the ocean, driftwood, and some pearls into your décor. Use these beach-inspired pieces of living décor to create an ocean oasis.

The Urban Retreat

Do you long for a weekend in NYC? Transform your home into an urban retreat by blending vibrant colors and classic modern design to give your home refined energy and personality:

Experiment with bright colors and graphics. Find a few pillows with playful colors and place them onyour couch, bed, or floor.

Go on a mid-century modern furniture hunt; check out local thrift store or online sales for inexpensive wooden pieces with clean lines and classic style.

Incorporate a few bold pieces from the LiveTrends Modern Collection into your design. Place a hanging succulent in your window; put a cactus collection in your kitchen; position a few air plants on your coffee table.

The Mountain Getaway

Do you dream of sitting on a porch overlooking a lake with the mountains in the distance? Bring the calm and peace of the mountains into your neck of the woods.

Beautifully textured rocks found on your last hike would look great in a clay bowl on your coffee table.

Put a Himalayan salt lamp next to your bed to clean and deodorize your air, just like you’re in the mountains.

Bring different textures together; wood, metal, and stone can all be incorporated to create a beautiful rustic look suitable.

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