Just Walk Out, Plus Wooing, What’s New And What Ikea Just Did

What’s New?
LiveTrends’ Bisser Georgiev answered that question for me last week. Turns out that the company is launching at least 120 new product collections at TPIE (Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition) this January. This will be the first time retailers can view LiveTrends’ newest stuff, all of which has been in development for the last 18 months. That’s a long time, but it ensures they create well-thought-out products that are on trend and in demand. And all the designs are 100% exclusive, having been created by in-house teams. They have five full-time designers, one of whom is a 3-D industrial designer. The team can even create the products on in-house 3-D printers to test them out in real life before moving into full production. “This allows us to create truly original art pieces that haven’t been seen before,” Bisser says. “We believe that coming up with totally original product design is the only way to stay ahead in the industry.”

LiveTrends has three portfolios—Core, Spring and Valentine’s Day—and with the Core portfolio they’ve identified two main trends: The simplicity of the Modern and the “handcraftiness” of the Artisan collections encompass most of the trends they see coming along in the coming year. Exactly what do these trends look like? Bisser shared a few pages of the forthcoming catalog and I got permission to share a thing or two. Here’s an example of the Modern trend called the Neo Espresso collection:

I can’t show you the entire portfolio, but believe me, there are some wonderful products in there—including cacti! You’ll get an opportunity to view it all and hear about their new effort to provide “background storytelling” for each product at TPIE.

You Should Go
There’s no better place to be in January than sunny Florida, where you’ll see the LiveTrends stuff plus a whole lot more at TPIE—taking place at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 18-20. FNGLA is doing a bang-up job creating a better and better event each year with the goal of making TPIE the place to see the latest trends—whether it’s trends from within or outside the industry. This year’s emphasis is on plants as interior décor. To that end, TPIE is bringing in some speakers and sessions that will show just how interior plants can build connections between humans and their interior spaces. For instance:

—Opening session speaker Jane Lockhart, award-winning interior designer and trendspotter. Jane will connect the dots between design trends and interior plant use. Catch it Wednesday, January 18, at 9 a.m.
—Thursday afternoon speaker Mark Mini of John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will talk about his company’s ongoing work with The Lowline Lab, the subterranean park. John and colleague Andrew Engel will talk about the hows (technology), whys (underground gardens for urbanites!) and what it means for this industry.
—Interior designer Anya Cesar will create three living spaces with plants not only as interior décor, but also as contributors to wellness and wellbeing. Anya was one of three designers who created designer vignettes in the lobby for the last TPIE (see Anya and her handiwork below!). This year she will create the spaces and provide details via tours of the “rooms” on Wednesday and Thursday at noon.

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