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On Trend With LiveTrends

If you read the cover story of the December issue of GrowerTalks, you’ll be familiar with Bisser Georgiev, founder of LiveTrends, a company that is creating quite a buzz in horticulture without breeding or growing a single plant. Instead, LiveTrends creates a different kind of combo—the pairing of vessels with easy-care plants such as tillandsias, succulents and such. We know the plants are and have been on an upward trend. LiveTrends assembles these trendy plants with vessels made of equally trendy materials in attractive shapes and designs. Actually, calling the materials and designs trendy is a disservice. LiveTrends works on an 18-month lead time, spending a ton of time researching the influences that make us humans want to purchase something.

On TrendOn Tend

And by the way, the booth layout was super cool, very deserving of its second-place finish in the Island category. Great job, folks!

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