Perfect Fall Weekend: DIY Living Art

The leaves are starting to fall and cooler days are now here. A new season provides the welcomed opportunity to transform your home with updated décor for a refreshed look and renewed energy. Embrace fall with a beautiful autumn-inspired terrarium to showcase harvest colors alongside vibrant living air plants and lush green moss. This is a perfect Sunday Funday activity for a cool autumn afternoon!

Step 1: Gather your DIY materials

Glass Terrarium
Living Air Plants
Natural Decor Rocks
Orange Moss
Green Moss

Step 2: Lay rocks on the bottom of the terrarium as a natural base

Step 3: Spread orange and green moss in between and on top of rocks

Step 4: Place tillandsia in various places around the terrarium, nestled around moss and rocks

Step 5: Add decorative elements such as fallen leaves, acorns, grains, tiny gourds, etc. to incorporate autumnal color and height in the terrarium

Step 6: Close terrarium and add a piece of natural twine holding a dried orange leaf or flower around the handle

Mist the tillandsia gently with a small amount of water once a week.

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