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We are creatives, visionaries, number crunchers, planners, crafters, organizers, and deal-makers.

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We are writers, artists, strategists, branders, photographers, social media mavens, pro-ducers, and dreamers. We make sure you hear about and see LiveTrends in the store and online, in print and on social media.

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Graphic Design  

New Product Development

We are designers, creators, analysts, architects, sculptors, and explorers. We research global political, fashion, and social trends to inspire our original LiveTrend creations, melding nature and design.

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Product Designer  


We are consultants, mangers, talkers, listeners, connectors, movers, and shakers. We forge the relationships with our retail partners to ensure that the perfect LiveTrends products are in each store.

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We are crafters, artisans, lifters, drivers, planters, potters, and detail-driven makers. We form pieces with our own hands, collaborating to ensure each LiveTrend piece of living d├ęcor is perfect.

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Data & Logistics

We are planners, coordinators, negotiators, optimizers, networkers, and problem solvers. We ensure that each LiveTrend product arrives at the store or in your home on time and safely.

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Finance & Accounting

We are number crunchers, organizers, math mavens, communicators, and analysts. We balance the books and help to maintain our financial operations. We ensure the lights are on.

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Accounting Clerk  Purchasing Agent  

Human Resources

We are communicators, networkers, and agile problem solvers. We aim to bring the most talented and driven people in the world to work at LiveTrends.

Open Position(s):

Human Resource Generalist  

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